Toyama airport ⇔ Hakuba Shuttle Bus


Toyama Airport to Hakuba valley service

Operation from 19 Dec 2019 – 3 April 2020


☆Hakuba →Toyama
Hakuba Cortina             GreenPlaza                7:25 Dep.
Hakuba Norikura      Hakuba Alps hotel        7:30Dep.
Tsugaike kogenC         Granjam Parking          7:35Dep.
Tsugaike kogenB         SunPlaza Tsugaike       7:40Dep.
Tsugaike kogenA         Oyanohara Parking      7:45Dep.
Hakuba Iwatake            Gondola station           7:50Dep.
Happo One               JAMJAM bus station     7:55Dep.
Hakuba Misorano      Echoland Base Camp     8:00Dep.

Toyama Airport  10:30 Arr.


☆ Toyama Airport⇒Hakuba
Toyama Airport 12:55  Arr.

Hakuba Misorano      Echoland Base Camp        15:15Dep.
Happo One               JAMJAM bus station        15:20Dep.
Hakuba Iwatake            Gondola station              15:25Dep.
Tsugaike kogenA         Oyanohara Parking          15:30Dep.
Tsugaike kogenB         SunPlaza Tsugaike           15:35Dep.
Tsugaike kogenC         Granjam Parking              15:40Dep.
Hakuba Norikura     Hakuba Alps hotel              15:45Dep.
Hakuba Cortina           GreenPlaza                       15:50Dep.

Price:One way : 6,000yen per person

Terms & Conditions:

  • ・All passengers must check in and be ready to board the bus at least 10 minutes before departure.
  • ・Only Credit card payment is accepted
  • ・Arrival time might differ due to the traffic and adverse weather conditions.
  • ・No refunds will be given for passengers who miss their connections due to flight delays.
  • ・No refund for cancellations made less than 15 days prior to travel.
  • ・Changes to reservations can be made free of charge until 5PM Japan Standard time 7 days before date of travel.
  • ・Please allow a minimum of 75 minutes between flight arrival and bus departure.
  • ・Please allow 150 minutes between bus arrival and flight departure.

Information needed for booking:

  • ・Departure date
  • ・Route
  • ・All passengers full name
  • ・Ages and gender identities
  • ・Accommodation name in Hakuba
  • ・Departure point
  • ・Arrival point